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Bump Festival 2024

Ksawery Komputery
Creative Coding

Ksawery Komputery PL

Ksawery Kirklewski – born in 1988, creative coding and new media artist. Author of interactive light installations, music videos, generative animations, phygital sculptures, and realizations in public space. In his activities, he uses new technologies, programming and advertising media, focusing mostly on the digital and generative art field.

His most recent projects include: interactive light installations FLUX (Miami Art Week 2022, Signal Festival Prague 2023, Vilnius Light Festival 2024), ENTER (NXT Museum Amsterdam, Khroma New Media Museum in Berlin) and LOTUS (LOTUS brand store on Paris Fashion Week 2023); music video Symphony in Acid (Max Cooper); collectible phygital sculptures CTRL_DAT (Kate Vass Gallerie in Zurich), Digital/Analog Mirror, and BANNERS.

Talk — Ksawery Komputery