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Bump Festival 2024

Annie Corser
Trend Forecaster

Annie Corser UK

Annie is a trend forecaster, cultural analyst, editor and writer. As the Senior Trends Editor, Pop Culture & Media at Stylus Innovation & Advisory, she leads on decoding trends and building insights concerning social media and internet culture, entertainment, and music, helping brands and businesses understand and connect with audiences, communities, and consumers around the world.

Talk — Pop Culture Futures 2024/25: Decoding Trends

In this session, Annie Corser, senior editor of Pop Culture & Media at Stylus – the expert source for global trends and consumer insights – will traverse five key shifts, perspectives and platforms shaping pop culture and media for the year ahead and beyond.

Using trend analysis as a window into audience attitudes, consumer behaviour, and creative and engagement opportunities, Annie will cover topics including AI-powered creativity, fandoms, IRL entertainment experiences and dominant internet trends – all of which are set to play a significant role in our pop culture futures.