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Bump Festival 2023

Studio Comrades
Immersive Projects


Studio Comrades consists of the duo Nicol Colga and Edith Dingemans. With a 2.5-Dimensional method and approach, they work with 2D and 3D, tangible and intangible, coming together to create new and creative ways of storytelling that stimulate immersion and conversation. They enjoy working with socially relevant topics. By choosing to work in mixed reality, they believe they can create more user-friendly experiences. They envision that the 2.5D method will really come to life, combining their digital experience with the exhibition as a tactile extension.

Talk - We are the next generation

At BUMP, Designregio Kortrijk organizes the ‘WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION’ talks, where promising young designers graduated from notable international schools, give a lecture or workshop on their research.