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Bump Festival 2023

Noa Jansma
Multimedia Designer


Using multi-media techniques Noa Jansma uses design to create methodologies that research our interrelationship to the more-than-human world. This results in projects wherein she nudges conversation about the connection between a.o. food, capitalism, ecological awareness, colonialism, urban-rural-dynamics and the (institutional) infrastructures around these themes. This is translated in various media ranging from ex. video installations, photography, educational programs or applepies.

Noa Jansma will talk about her Buyclouds project, a research on the transformation of “natural phenomena” to “exploitable resources”. A process carrying a story that must be told in relation to the past (colonialism), the present (climate change, corporate landgrabbing), and the future (extraterrestrial occupation). As a research-methodology she copied the dominant Western processes, philosophies and theories on how ownership and exploitation are constructed, and she pasted them onto one of the last phenomena remaining outside of these systems; clouds. Something so fluid and beyond our monetised culture, that it questions the validity of existing capitalistic models themselves.

Talk - We are the next generation

At BUMP, Designregio Kortrijk organizes the ‘WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION’ talks, where promising young designers graduated from notable international schools, give a lecture or workshop on their research.