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Bump Festival 2023

Jo Plaete


VFX expert Jo Plaete joined Metaphysic in 2022 as Chief Innovation Officer. He brings with him nearly two decades of experience in VFX, innovation, and post-production in the entertainment industry. Jo has supervised the VFX production of; ABBA: Voyage FX concert experience, Ready Player One; Star Wars: The Last Jedi; The Legend of Tarzan; Guardians of the Galaxy; and World War Z, during his previous role at Walt Disney’s Industrial Light & Magic. At Metaphysic, Jo has been appointed Visual Effects Supervisor and is leading the team for the major motion picture “Here”, produced by Miramax and directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright.

Talk - Generative AI in Film and beyond

Metaphysic is the world leader in AI-generated content that looks real. We build software, algorithms and web3 infrastructure to help creators make incredible hyperreal content. Our mission is to expand the frontiers of human expression through the ethical application of artificial intelligence and build a future where everyone can create deeply relevant and delightful content for the communities they care about.

Jo will take us through recent examples of their work and talk us through what this means for the future of content creation.