Craig Black

Craig Black (UK)

Visual Artist

Craig Black is a Scottish Visual Artist best known for his ‘Acrylic Fusion’ technique.

He specialises in bespoke artwork, murals, and installations, he believes in creating exciting and engaging visuals whilst maintaining originality across all of his work.

Craig has won admirers on a global scale thanks to his signature expression, 'Acrylic Fusion', an incredibly versatile analogue process of hand pouring layers of acrylic paint to create a unique and mesmerising effect, loved by brands, galleries and art collectors alike.

The versatility of acrylic fusion has meant that Craig has been able to collaborate with a wide range of partners - from matchday storytelling with UEFA, to transforming a collection of cognac glasses with Remy Martin and creating a one of a kind custom bike frame for Ribble Cycles.

Craig has also adapted his acrylic fusion process to work across a multitude of environments - from the tight control of the studio, where he refines and hones his pieces, to the excitement and buzz of the live setting, where audiences can see Craig interact with his artworks in real-time.

Craig picks his collaboration partners carefully, as he looks for projects that align with and complement his style and ethos - ensuring that no two partnerships are ever the same.

Craig’s work has been celebrated and exhibited across the world: from London and New York to Sydney and Dubai. He is also known across the public speaking circuit for sharing his inspirational creative journey at conferences and creative events around the world.

He is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Creative Inverclyde — a social enterprise aimed at utilising the creative sector to be the nucleus for positive social change across Inverclyde and Scotland.

  • 10:15

    TalkCraft & Graft

    In his talk, Craig tells the story of his career so far — spanning from professional football (soccer) player, independent designer to visual artist, sharing how it has shaped him and what he has learned along the way.

    Craig dives deep into how he got his business up and running with no financial safety net. He speaks the truth about money worries and facing fear; remaining resilient and focused in achieving his dream, even in the toughest of times.

    From the power of self-initiated projects to burnout and everything in between — Craig shares personal anecdotes on the challenges he has faced, overcoming imposter syndrome and giving back to his local community in the hope of inspiring fellow creatives to find what makes them happy and go achieve it!

    Craig realised that to create the life that he wanted to live, he had to take charge and do it on his own. This progress in Craig's career has made him understand the importance of sharing his journey and the responsibility to make an impact and inspire others.

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