BUMP Festival 2018

Alexandre Humbert

Alexandre Humbert (FR)

Film Designer

Speaker Bio

Alexandre Humbert was trained as a product designer (Design Academy Eindhoven) and gradually developed a fascination for, and expertise as filmmaker. He currently focusses on Filmmaking as a design practice. “As designers we are storytellers, we are not designing chairs but ways of sitting.”

His understanding of the design process guides him to explore the close relationship that exists between humans and objects through documentary, fiction and experimental films.

Based in Amsterdam, his work has been screened internationally and he collaborated on Films with recognized Artists and Cultural Institituions such as Åbäke, Studio Makkink & Bey, EventArchitectuur, Design Museum Gent, Martino Gamper, Noam Toran, LUMA Arles, Brakke Grond, Zuiderzee Museum, MUDAM Luxembourg, Eric Van Hove among others.

In 2017, Alexandre launched Object Interview, a collection of one-minute videos about design objects in conversation, investigating how objects exist on their own. Made in co-production with cultural institutions, ranging from museums to design galleries, the series involves designers, curators and artists from all around the world to reflect on the way we perceive objects.

In parallel of his practice, Alexandre is also a guest mentor at Design Academy Eindhoven.

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