BUMP Festival 2018

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Approaching pixels and projection

18:00 Main Room

Kate Dawkins has projected onto a floor of ice, the ceiling of the London Design Museum, the bridge of the USS Intrepid in NY and put content onto the smallest amount of LEDs to create one of the largest screens for the London 2012 Olympics ceremonies. Recently winning a BAFTA for her work.

It goes without saying that each project requires a unique approach. But that approach encompasses so many variants. These large-scale projects are inevitably a roller-coaster ride of design, decision making, blood, sweat and sometimes, just sometimes tears!

Kate is a designer and director that approaches each project applying logic to the problem and a passion to the solution. She’ll be sharing an insight into how she works, some of the experiences she’s encountered over the years and how she approaches some of the more challenging aspects of these experiential projects.

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