Alex McLean

Alex McLean

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Talk Details

12:00 - Main Theatre

Algorave: algorithmic patterns of movement

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19:30 - De Kreun Rooftop

The Bump Afterparty

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Speaker Bio

Making people dance to code since the year 2001, Alex combines music, art, research and event organisation to try to work out and re-imagine what computer programming is for.

Alex likes organising messed-up events, co-founding the algorave and TOPLAP movements, the AlgoMech festival, the software art repository, and helping bring the Dorkbot and Placard headphone events to the UK. He performs live coded music widely including as part of Slub and Canute, performing solo as Yaxu releasing music on the Computer Club label, and instigated the free/open source live coding project TidalCycles (

Alex is based in Sheffield UK, working for the research institute in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, using live coding techniques to explore the ancient thought processes of textile weavers.

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